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Clovis Bray Journal Pt 1

This episode contains pages 1-10 of the Clovis Bray Logbook read by Hyp3rSint4x of Videogame Crosstalk.

Your Friend Micah Abram

Book: Your Friend Micah Abram as ready by Grneyedmusiklvr. 

SIVA Memories

This episode is a collection of SIVA memories from Destiny’s DLC Rise of Iron as read by Hyp3rSint4x of the podcast Video game Crosstalk and assisted by GrnEyedMusikLvr of Focused ...

Happy new year listeners! I’m glad you’ve joined us for today’s reading of the Weblore "A Play of Shadow and Light" from Destiny 2 with performances by Vittoria St Martin as our N...

Immolant pt 2

Ladies, Gents, and in-betweens we have another special recording for you this week. The Voice Actors for the Termino project are back for Immolant pt 2 that was released Nov 16th 2...

Immolant pt 1

A big special thank you goes to the mastermind behind this mini project Rindel Zivas who spearheaded this episode and the part two that is yet to come.    Cast Zavala/Narrator - Ri...

From Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, Unveiling as read by Kat Reinhardt. 

Book: Truth to Power Pt 2

From Destiny 2 Forsaken the book Truth to Power as read by GrnEyedMusikLvr of Focused Fire Chat. 

From Destiny 2 Forsaken, Truth to Power pt 1 as read by GrnEyedMusikLvr of Focused Fire Chat. 

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