Ghost Stories (Part 1)

This episode is brought to you by Rindel Zivas & HeyItsOrchid



Transcript / Source

Ghost Stories Lore Book - link



Chapter 1: Pressure 01:15
Chapter 2: Ghost Hunter  03:22
Chapter 3: The Chosen’s Choice 07:18
Chapter 4: The We Before Us 11:07
Chapter 5: Don’t Call Me Ghost 15:22
Chapter 6: Compliments 17:21
Chapter 7: No Rez for the Weary 20:27
Chapter 8: Confession of Hope | Part One 24:32


Cast of Voice Artists

Starkotic Narrator
KittyofNine Dejana
Gorath Hyun Anwar
Zach Braver Strain
Maya Shepherd Ghost (Chapter 4)
Sammie Auburn Ghost, Ghost of Tyra Karn
GrnEyedMusikLvr Tyra Karn
HeyItsOrchid Sagira
Robert Herrera Ophiuchus
Ellimist Ghost (Chapter 7)
Sam “TheOkami” Johnson Tiānshǐ


Special Thanks

Title art by VulshokBersrker

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