Books of Sorrow Pt 2

Part 2 of a 4 part series.

Straight from the lore of Destiny the game, Books of Sorrow part 2, as read by Hyp3rSint4x host of the Videogame Crosstalk podcast. 


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Cards included:

X: Immortals 0:17
XI: Conquerors 1:32
XII: Out of the Deep 3:00
XIII: Into the sky 4:16
XIV: 52 and One 5:23
XV: Born as Prey 6:46
XVI: The Sword Logic 8:10
XVII: The Weakness Verse 9:57
XVIII: Leviathan Rises 13:21
XIX: Crusaders 15:03
XX: Hive 17:47
XXI: an incision 19:32
XXII: The High War 21:26
XXIII: Fire without fuel 23:05
XXIV: The Scream 26:13
XXV: Dictata ir Dakaua 27:42
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